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Pension Minor accommodation Česke Budějovice - Leisure

Accommodation Ceske Budejovice offers a tour of the city center and its surroundings in South Bohemia.

Pension Minor České Budějovice as the starting point for interesting excursions to the surroundings of the town.

Pension Minor can be found in South Bohemia, in the forests and ponds, but also in fabulous castles and castles.

Pensions Ceske Budejovice offers peace and relaxation in the beautiful nature of the holiday, in the vicinity of the town you can visit a number of interesting historical and cultural monuments.

Accommodation in České Budějovice recommends a tour of the center and the historical part.

Minor Guesthouse is close to ALBERT, UNI HOBBY, MÖBELIX, SCONTO, TERNO, the McDonald's, shopping centers, supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as shopping center IGY.


Pension Minor recommends a tour of the brewery Budweiser Budvar beer tasting. Beer Museum and Budvar beer hall is located 700 m away.

Excursion in the Budvar brewery - 700 m from the pension Minor České Budějovice.

If you are taking the time to visit the Budvar brewery in České Budějovice, you can watch the multimedia exposition "Budweiser Beer Story".


You will see how long-standing tradition with modern technology combines Budweiser Budvar beer, whose quality is appreciated by customers all over the world.

Pension Minor recommends cycling tourists to bicycle rides in the wider area of the city, beautiful nature along high-quality cycling trails.

Accommodation Ceske Budejovice offers in-line skating lovers, a trail along the Vltava river to Hluboká nad Vltavou.

Pensions České Budějovice, square Přemysl Otakar II.

During your vacation, you can enjoy your boat cruise on the newly-flown section of the Vltava River, or you can take a bike ride along the cycle path along its course.

Accommodation in České Budějovice, a marina for sightseeing cruises along the Vltava River.

Accommodation in České Budějovice recommends visiting Hluboká LOVECKÝ ZÁMEK OHRADA.

Cheap accommodation in České Budějovice recommends visiting the historical town of Český Krumlov and visiting the State Building. The city was listed on UNESCO's list.

Pension Minor České Budějovice is located 25 km from Český Krumlov.

Cheap accommodation Minor can be used to visit the town of Třeboň, where is the castle, which is the third largest area of this type (after the Prague Castle and the Český Krumlov Castle) in the Czech Republic.

Trebon.Pensions Ceske Budejovice recommend a visit to Třeboň - square

During the Autumn Holiday in the Minor Pension, do not forget to visit the Třeboň Ponds and catch the largest of them, the Rožmberk Pond, which is the largest area in Southern Bohemia and the Czech Republic, and around the world.

Pension Minor České Budějovice recommends a visit to the autumn catch of the ponds.

Holidays and accommodation in České Budějovice can be made more pleasant by visiting Jindřichův Hradec. The castle, originally a Gothic castle, was founded in the 13th century at the confluence of the river Nežárka and the Hamerský potok, on the site of an older water fortress. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Bohemia.

Take advantage of cheap accommodation in Ceske Budejovice for a tour of the town of Jindrichuv Hradec.

Do you plan to visit Southern Bohemia and discover the beauty of nature and interesting history of the Czech Republic? Do not forget to visit the statutory town of Ceske Budejovice and get the cheap accommodation that will suit you best.

Southern Bohemia is a popular destination for tourists and is therefore frequently visited. To do so, quality guesthouses are available in Ceske Budejovice.

For a comfortable and inexpensive stay, the Minor guest house is located in a quiet part of town, close to the cente

Minor Ceske Budejovice also offers many options for active rest and relaxation.

During your stay, you can see the historical center of České Budějovice and you will be able to reach the area where you can find a lot of historical, cultural and building monuments in the whole area of South Bohemia, and you can visit places of interest that are definitely worth seeing for yourself.

Pension Minor is located just 6 km from the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou, where you can see the State Chateau or the Ohrada Chateau with the zoo. Another fabulous object in South Bohemia is the Český Krumlov State Castle, which is also worth your visit.

Whether you are visiting Ceske Budejovice for a business trip or holiday with a partner or with family and children, you can make your stay more pleasant by bicycle or car trips around the city.

Staff at the Minor Pension will arrange a visit to the Beer Museum in the nearby Budvar brewery.

Minor Ceske Budejovice is one of the guesthouses with breakfast and closed parking.

Cheap accommodation České Budějovice Minor can also be used for romantic evening trips.

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